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Choir Instructor

Who They Are

The People Behind the Voices

Founded in 2000, Herndon High School Choir is passionately committed to inspiring and enlightening audience with some of the most commanding voices in music. The ensemble has experience performing at numerous venues and events in the greater San Francisco area and beyond, and is known for its triumphal renditions of choral classics.

Herndon High School Choir embodies the spirit of sound, and invites you to join them on their vibrant musical journey. Contact the choir for more information, and to find out where they’ll be performing next.

Meet our Choir

Musically Exceptional

This team of amazing voices want nothing more than to create truly memorable music. Why not take a look at who plays a vital part in making this Gospel Choir so successful? Then give them a call or send an email to find out how you can see them live.

Elegant Female

Jennifer Harrison


Check out this superstar, a crucial member of Herndon High School Choir. Want to learn more about their early work and inspiration? Read their full bio or get in touch directly by clicking below.

Elegant Female

Karen Dawson


Karen Dawson comes from a musical family and joined Herndon High School Choir at an early age. They may be the youngest member of Herndon High School Choir, but they bring impressive talent to the choir.

Elegant Male

Scott Campbell


Scott Campbell is a seriously impressive singer who goes above and beyond to share skills and support the newest members of Herndon High School Choir. They’re a true team player with a lifetime of success ahead.

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