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How to Setup a Twitter Account

Need to send your members a breaking-news update on the legislature or call them to action on an issue before the school board? Twitter is a free, easy-to-use program that allows you to create “tweets,” which are 140-character messages that show up on the twitter pages of your “followers.” How to set up a Twitter account • Go to and click on the “Get Started” button. • Enter your name, desired username, password, and email address. •

Type two words shown in the picture into the box below. This is simply to make sure that you are human and not a computer program trying to create a spam account. • Click on “create my account.” •

On the next page, you can find friends who are already on Twitter. You can enter your gmail, aol, yahoo, hotmail, or msn login information to allow Twitter to automatically search for your friends, or you can click on “skip this step” at the bottom of the page. • The next page shows you a list of the most popular twitter users you may want to follow. By default, all these users are selected, so remember to un-check users that you don’t care to have added to your account. • Click on the green “finish” button on the bottom of the page to create your account. Once your account is created, you can start searching for friends and colleagues to follow and you can begin writing tweets for others to follow. While the interface is easy to use, there is some shorthand that you need to know.

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• “RT” means re-tweet. You use this much like you use “FWD” when you’re writing emails. It means that you are passing along a message from someone else. • “@(username)” means that the message is about or for a specific person. This will also create a link within your tweet, so that when someone clicks on the username they can view all of that user’s tweets. • “#subject” means the word that follows the hash mark (#) (no spaces) is the subject of the tweet. When multiple people are tweeting about a specific topic, this tool allows you to easily track the conversation. Using the hash mark creates a link so that clicking on the subject will allow a user to view all other tweets on the same subject.


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